July 2022 CEP Preview

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Introduction to Ultrasonic Flare Gas Flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeters use sound waves to calculate fluid velocity, offering versatile flow measurement of challenging fluids such as flare gases.

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Designing a Toxic Shelter: An Art and Science

The release of toxic ammonia can pose significant risk to personnel at facilities that handle the material. This risk can be mitigated through the construction and operation of highly effective toxic shelters.

Plant Operations

Establishing a Global Robotics Program  

A robotics program can provide many benefits, from improved safety to cost savings. This article provides advice for launching a robotics program at your organization.

Reactions & Separations

Troubleshooting a Caustic Scrubber

This article outlines the steps used in a case study to troubleshoot a caustic scrubber that could not consistently meet design specifications.


  • Gene Editing Could Make Veggies a Source of Vitamin D
  • Scientists Create a Pacemaker that Dissolves Over Time
  • Don’t Expect Chemical Accuracy From Marijuana Labels
  • Business Update


  • Editorial:Drones Are Really Taking Off
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Using Ionic Liquidic Zeolites to Separate Methane and Nitrogen
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Gene Editing Promises New Disease-Resistant Citrus Trees
  • Process Safety Beacon: Manage Temporary Changes — Including Clamps
  • New Products: Fluids and Solids Handling; Software; Laboratory Equipment; Environmental, Health and Safety; Instrumentation; Operations and Maintenance
  • ChE in Context: Chemical Engineers Tackle Climate Solutions
  • Patent Update: Don’t Patent That!
  • Spotlight on Safety: Flocking Behaviors Can Help Improve Safety Effectiveness
  • Institute News
    • 2022 AIChE Election Candidate Platforms
    • Reichmanis Named 2022 Prausnitz AIChE Institute Lecturer
    • AIChE Student and Early-Career Members Awarded Tau Beta Pi Fellowships
    • In Memoriam

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