October 2021 CEP Preview

Reactions and Separations

Optimal Design of a Liquid-Liquid Extraction System

Liquid-liquid extraction processes often require one or more downstream distillation columns. This article describes the process design of such systems.

Back to Basics

An Overview of Hydrotreating

Hydrotreating processes are becoming increasingly important as refineries work to meet more stringent environmental guidelines.

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Plant Operations

The Connected Worker: Digitalizing Plant Rounds

Connecting workers digitally in their everyday tasks, such as plant rounds, improves not only communication and accountability, but also safety and operational stability.


Emergency Isolation Valves to Mitigate Early Pool Fires

Install emergency isolation valves (EIVs) to limit the consequences of uncontrolled releases of ignitable liquids and early pool fires.


  • Sharing Vaccines Across Borders to End the Pandemic Faster
  • Engineers Develop  a New Miniature Gene-Editing System
  • National Labs Define Strategies to Reduce Energy Use in Buildings
  • A Molten-Sodium Battery for Grid Energy Storage
  • Crafting Carbon Membranes to Separate Paraxylene


  • Editorial:  Smash Your Pumpkins for Sustainability
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Chlorine-Resistant Membranes Promise a New Era for Reverse Osmosis
  • Career Connection: Use LinkedIn to Future-Proof Your Career
  • New Products: Software; Instrumentation; Operations and Maintenance; Environmental, Health and Safety; Fluids and Solids Handling; Laboratory Equipment; Materials and Chemicals; Bioprocessing
  • Process Safety Beacon:  Are Your Safety Devices Working?
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: A Next-Generation Competition Prepares Students to Tackle Today’s Challenges
  • ChE in Context: Impact of Winter Storm Uri on Texas’ Petrochemical Industry
  • Spotlight on Safety:  Conservation of Energy, Mass… and Life?
  • Institute News
    • 2021 Board of Directors’ and Institute Awards 
    • Meet Some of AIChE’s Recently Elected Fellows
    • H. Scott Fogler, 1939–2021
  • Meeting Preview: AIChE Annual Meeting, Nov. 7–11, Boston, MA; Nov. 15–19, Virtual

The October issue of CEP is now available on the AIChE website, on the CEP app, and as a digital flipbook.