Engineers Week 2021: Help Bring Engineering to K-12 Students

February 21–27 is Engineers Week, and as it has done for more than 30 years, the program invites engineers to visit K-12 classrooms to share their passion for math, science, and engineering with students. The theme for this anniversary year is "Imagining Tomorrow." Below, you can find ways to get involved in the week's activities, as well as ways to introduce students to STEM careers throughout the year.

Get involved in Engineers Week

Engineers Week is an opportunity for chemical engineers and biological engineers to talk to K-12 students about engineering and to present hands-on activities that will help students understand how math and science can be put to work to understand and solve problems. If you need help learning how to engage students virtually or in person, check out this page.

74% of educators say their students do not have many opportunities to meet an engineer or technical professional

DiscoverE provides a lot of resources for volunteers such as advice on how to effectively speak to and engage students when talking about engineering. 

Engineers Week guides and grants

DiscoverE provides useful guides for volunteers and technical professionals and for teachers and informal educators. Also available are small grants to support Engineers Week efforts in underserved communities. You can apply here

Other opportunities for K-12 outreach at AIChE

In addition to Engineers Week, and other DiscoverE outreach programs, you can also join AIChE's K-12 outreach efforts to bring chemical engineering to students. 

Last year at the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, the K-12 Committee held a STEM Showcase, which presented many opportunities for interested chemical and biological engineers to share their passions with students.

Opportunities for chemical engineering students

If you're a chemical engineering student, take advantage of existing outreach programs that many student chapters already have, such as the UVA student chapter, or the University of Houston student chapter, whose efforts, among others, have been profiled here on ChEnected. And if your chapter doesn't have an existing program, consider starting one. Much material already exists to successfully share engineering with students. Check out proven DiscoverE activities and materials.

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