August 2019 CEP Preview

Special Section: Hydrogen Deployment

Advancements in Hydrogen Deployment

Research and Development to Enable Hydrogen at Scale

The Dept. of Energy’s H2@Scale initiative promotes the development, growth, and implementation of technologies based on hydrogen’s versatility.

Hydrogen’s Expanding Role in the Energy System

Realizing the vision of H2@Scale will require research and investment in efficient hydrogen production methods and upgraded infrastructure. Advances in hydrogen production will allow new applications, such as steelmaking, biofuels production, and fuel cell electric vehicles, to thrive.

Large-Scale Hydrogen System Safety Issues

As hydrogen’s applications grow and develop across many sectors, industrial systems must identify the necessary precautions to be able to safely handle the material.

Renewable Hydrogen for Sustainable Ammonia Production

More than half of all produced hydrogen is consumed in ammonia plants. Ammonia’s potential as a carbon-free fuel, hydrogen carrier, and energy store represents an opportunity for renewable hydrogen technologies to be deployed at an even greater scale.

Back to Basics

Distillation Technology: What’s Next?

Distillation is often described as a mature technology that is well understood and established, no longer requiring funding or attention from research and development. This thinking is flawed, as distillation has come a long way in the past three decades and has even more room to grow.

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Computational Methods

Leverage Dynamic Simulation

Dynamic simulations are able to replicate actual plant behavior, making them valuable for plant design, operation, optimization, and training.


  • New Report Looks to the Future of Separation Science
  • Reversible Adhesive Mimics Snail Slime
  • Scientists Establish Superconductivity at Record Temperatures
  • Rapid DNA Analysis for Infected Crops
  • Potassium-Oxygen Batteries: A Clean Energy Storage Solution


  • Editorial: Let’s Talk Separations
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Engineering Algae Cells for Biobased and Renewable Pigments
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Unfurling Complex Reaction Networks: Humans Needed
  • Career Connections: Improve Your Negotiating Skills
  • Process Safety Beacon: Hidden Hazards
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: RAPID Steps Toward Sustainability
  • New Products: Materials and Chemicals; Instrumentation; Environmental, Health and Safety; Operations and Maintenance
  • Safety Minute: Corporate Memory of Accidents Lasts Only Three Years
  • Technical Entity Trends: The New Homegrown
  • Meeting Preview: Transforming the Future through Chemical Engineering: New Topical Conferences and Lectures Highlight Annual Meeting, Nov. 10–15, Orlando, FL
  • Institute News
    • New AIChE Fellows
    • Gleason is Named 2019 Prausnitz AIChE Institute Lecturer
    • Your AIChE Membership: Community Counts

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