July 2018 CEP Preview


Predict Distillation Tray Efficiency

An empirical technique — the O’Connell correlation — is widely used to estimate the efficiency of cross-flow trays. This article proposes a modification and clarifies the relationship between the empirical and theoretical approaches.

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Design Inherently Safer Piping

Several regulations and standards should be considered when you are designing a piping system. This article highlights elements of these codes and standards that are commonly overlooked.


Cultivate and Sustain Motivation

Motivation can be nebulous, appearing and then simply disappearing. In a team environment, it is vital that you ensure it stays put to drive results and reach goals.


  • Nanomaterials Restore Aged Canvases
  • New Coating Keeps Dental Retainers Clean
  • Single-Strand DNA Reactivates Tumor-Suppressor Genes
  • Rapid Zika Detection: A Game-Changer in Disease Surveillance
  • Imaging Method Diagnoses Breast Cancer in a Flash
  • Magnetic Polymers Remove Bad Odors from Wines


  • Editorial: Tune In, but Don’t Tune Out
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: New System Freezes Food Faster at Lower Cost
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Using Machine Learning for Catalyst Design
  • Technical Entity Trends: Upgrading Natural Gas Technology
  • Process Safety Beacon: Excess Cooling Can Cause a Runaway Reaction
  • New Products: Software; Process Control; Instrumentation
  • The ChE in Context: Educating the Future Advanced Manufacturing Workforce
  • YPOV: Lessons for the New Professor
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  • Institute News
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