July 2023 CEP Preview

Special Section: The Energy Transition

Energy Update

  • Process Heating: A Key Step in Industrial Electrification
  • For Solar Energy Investment, Waiting Is No Longer an Option
  • Sodium-Ion Batteries Go Commercial
  • Electrifying Transportation Will Strain Critical Metal Supply Chain

Long-Duration Energy Storage Can Lead the Clean Energy Transition

Emerging long-duration energy storage technologies will be a critical factor in the decarbonization of energy generation.

Previewing the U.S. DOE’s Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap

The roadmap provides a framework for technology pathways needed to achieve net-zero GHG emissions in the industrial sector by 2050.

The Importance of Carbon Intensity and Compliance to Meet Decarbonization Goals

Determining a product’s carbon intensity is the first step in understanding the value of that product and taking advantage of the carbon markets and carbon credits available to companies today.

Commercializing Decarbonization Technologies

An important part of moving sustainable technologies to market will be addressing the technoeconomic challenges associated with these technologies during project development. Pilot testing is one key step of de-risking commercialization.


Learning from the Worst Ammonia Accident

The worst industrial accident involving ammonia occurred in Dakar, Senegal, in 1992. This article presents an analysis of the incident and its resulting consequences to help prevent future ammonia incidents.

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  • Engineering a New Virus to Deliver Gene-Editing Tools
  • Cooling Power Plants with Brackish Groundwater
  • The Future of Long-Term Data Storage Lies in DNA
  • Business Update


  • Editorial: The Energy Transition Paves the Way to a Decarbonized Future
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Modeling Fluid Flow in Redox-Flow Batteries
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Providing Complete Hydrothermal Destruction of PFAS
  • Process Safety Beacon: Battery-Powered Devices Can Be Ignition Sources
  • New Products: Instrumentation; Bioprocessing; Engineering Services; Materials and Chemicals; Laboratory Equipment; Operations and Maintenance; Software
  • Che in Context: Public Policy and AIChE
  • Patent Update: Use Litigation Funding to Enforce Patents
  • Emerging Voices: Sustainable Ways to Heat a City
  • Institute News
    • AIChE Election Candidate Statements
    • Mark R. Prausnitz Selected as 2023 AIChE Institute Lecturer
    • Nance Named Editor-in-Chief of Bioengineering & Translational Medicine
    • AIChE Financial Statements 2022

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