April 2023 CEP Preview


Compliance Auditing of Pressure Relief Systems

Pressure relief systems are a critical area for evaluation in compliance audits. This article provides guidance for developing an audit protocol, gathering required documentation, and documenting and presenting audit findings.

Fluids and Solids Handling

Improve Performance of Steam-Assisted Flares

Steam-assisted flares can be prone to troublesome issues. Ensuring a high-quality steam supply is an important step in mitigating these problems.

Back to Basics

Managing the Risks of Glass in Hazardous Service

Using glass components in hazardous chemical service introduces risks that can lead to mechanical failure and loss of containment. Design, operation, and maintenance practices are critical in managing this risk.

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  • Organoid Intelligence Promises a New Frontier in Biocomputing
  • Researchers Analyze Graphite Lifecycle in the U.S.
  • East Palestine Derailment Prompts Independent Testing
  • Using Oil and Gas Fields for Carbon Storage: Too Good to be True?
  • Risk of Successive Hurricanes Increases with Climate Change
  • Machine Learning Predicts Food Crises from News Articles
  • New Method Removes Carbon Dioxide from Seawater
  • Upcycling Polyethylene Waste at Mild Temperatures
  • Business Update


  • Editorial: Safety Takes Center Stage at the AIChE Spring Meeting
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Low-Cost One-Step Production of Solar Silicon from Natural Quartzite
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Founders Issue Honors Tunde Ogunnaike
  • Process Safety Beacon: Lifting Hazards
  • Offshore Technology Conference Expo Preview
  • New Products: Bioprocessing; Laboratory Equipment; Software; Environmental, Health, and Safety
  • Patent Update: Uncloaking Stealth Prior Art
  • ChE in Context: Building “New Directions for Chemical Engineering” — Together
  • Profile: Fernanda Sulantay — A Long Road to Yale
  • Career Connection: How to Address a Layoff on your Résumé and Cover Letter
  • Books
  • Institute News 
    • AIChE Announces Election Candidates for 2024 Board
    • Future of STEM Scholars Initiative Announces New Leaders

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