Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day 2023

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day by DiscoverE takes place on February 23, 2023. “Girl Day” aims to inspire grade-school girls to engineering, and helps organize engineering activities that show girls how engineers change our world. DiscoverE found that 69% of girls report that Girl Day mentors inspired them to consider a career in engineering.

Looking for ways to get involved? We’ve compiled a list of resources to use during Girl Day and throughout the year.

AIChE K-12 Community

Join AIChE’s K-12 outreach efforts and bring awareness of chemical engineering to girls. The K-12 Community has created a variety of educational modules on a wide range of fun topics that will be sure to engage students of various ages. 

Learn more about the K-12 Community.

Women in Chemical Engineering (WIC)

WIC provides a community allyship and support for women in chemical engineering across all technical backgrounds in industry, academia, government labs, or for those reentering the workforce. Through WIC, they can find guidance for leadership development for themselves and others through networking and mentorship opportunities.

Connect with your peers and learn how to get involved.

Attend the DiscoverE Change Makers chat

On February 23 at 12pm ET, high school student host Kavya will chat with Cathy Koerner, a NASA leader who is guiding the development of systems that will land the first woman on the Moon and send humans to Mars.

It’s not too late to get involved

There’s still time to become a Girl Day role model. Find planning guides, STEM activities, and promotional resources by signing up at DiscoverE.

On March 4, AIChE members can find volunteer opportunities in DiscoverE’s World Engineering Day (formerly known as Global Day of the Engineer). DiscoverE’s joint venture with UNESCO and WFEO highlights engineers’ achievements around the world and seek to improve the public understanding of the importance of engineering and technology.