January 2022 CEP Preview

Back to Basics

11 Problem-Solving Myths that Limit Results

Avoid some common stumbling blocks when solving both simple and complex problems.


Common Problems in Pilot Plant and Laboratory Hazard Analysis

Avoid these common problems during a research hazard analysis and risk assessment (HARA) to effectively evaluate hazards in pilot plant and laboratory operations.

Environmental Management

Proving Waste Disposal Security with Water Molecules

When designing lagoons and landfills, it’s important to understand how clayey soil formed and changed during its geologic past, as well as how containment potential is evaluated. 

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Heat Transfer

Comparing Drum-Pump and Direct Expansion Refrigeration Systems

This article reviews drum-pump and direct expansion technologies to provide guidance for refrigeration system selection.


  • Making Forest Management Cost-Effective
  • Drone-Based Nose Can Sniff Out Bad Odors
  • Wearable Sensor Provides Early Alert for Wound Infections
  • Anti-Tick Vaccine Shows Promise for Preventing Lyme Disease
  • Researchers Develop Self-Healing Smart Bandages


Editorial: New Year’s Resolutions: Avoiding the Self-Sabotage

Catalyzing Commercialization: Redefining Protein Therapeutics with an Expanded Amino Acid Universe  

ChE in Context: Building Blocks for Contributing to Public Affairs Within AIChE

Process Safety Beacon: Ensure Drawings and Procedures Are Accurate

New Products: Instrumentation; Software; Operations and Maintenance; Bioprocessing; Materials and Chemical; Fluids and Solids Handling; Engineering Services

Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Process Electrification to Drive Industrial Decarbonization

Trends: SAChE Celebrates 30 Years of Advancing Safety Education

Spotlight on Safety: Don’t Rob the Pillars of  Your Safety Programs


Institute News

  • AIChE Gala Celebrates the Extraordinary Societal Contributions of Organizations and Leaders
  • President’s Message: Advancing AIChE — What is Our “Next”?
  • 2021 Annual Meeting in Review
  • Introducing some of AIChE’s Recently Elected Fellows

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