July 2019 CEP Preview


Rethink Commissioning for Smart Technologies

Effective commissioning is critical to realizing the benefits of new equipment. As many facilities transition to smart technologies, this process requires even more diligence.

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Environmental Management

An Introduction to Vapor Intrusion

Vapor intrusion (VI) occurs when contaminants in soil or groundwater drift into a building or facility through cracks and seams in the foundation. This article describes steps to mitigate VI at your facility.

Plant Operations

Reducing Energy Costs and Emissions with Combustion Control

Combustion in fired heaters and boilers is typically based on either volumetric flow control or pressure control of the fuel gas feeding the burner. Using mass flow control could help lower energy costs and emissions.


The Future of Single-Use Components in Biopharmaceutical Production

Single-use equipment has become ubiquitous in the biopharmaceutical industry, but further development in four key areas is needed to continue progress in this field.


Automate Operating Discipline and Dynamic Alarm Management with State-Based Control

State-based control embeds proper operational discipline into a process automation and control system to avoid alarm flooding and keep plants safe.


  • AI Gives the Fragrance Industry a New Nose
  • Killing Bacteria with Electric Bandages
  • Electricity May be Produced by Body Heat
  • Researchers Target Blood Stem Cells with Gold Nanoparticles


  • Editorial: No Cause for Alarm
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Synthetic Bait Restores Fish Populations and Revitalizes Fishing Communities
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Advancing Sustainable Energy through Process Systems Engineering
  • New Products: Heat Transfer; Bioprocessing; Instrumentation; Safety
  • Profile: Naomi Mburu — From Baltimore to Oxford: Rhodes Scholar Pushes Boundaries
  • Process Safety Beacon: Small Leaks Can Warn of Potential Catastrophic Failure
  • YPOV: Advice for Solving Technical Problems
  • Technical Entity Trends: Singapore’s Food for Thought
  • The ChE in Context: AIChE Updates Its Climate Change Policy Statement
  • Books
  • Institute News
    • 2019 AIChE Election Candidate Statements
    • Applications Due for Langer Prize Fellowship
    • Doing a World of Good Podcasts
    • The AIChE Beer Brewing Competition

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