March 2019 CEP Preview

Special Section: Process Intensification

Process Intensification in Practice

RAPID’s Quest for Intensification

These and other RAPID-funded ventures could transform industry by making chemical processes cleaner, smaller, safer, and more energy-efficient.

Introduction to Dividing-Wall Columns

A dividing wall can be added within a distillation column to improve the separation efficiency of three or more products.

A Building-Block Approach to Process Intensification

This new approach represents chemical processes as abstract blocks arranged in a two-dimensional grid. Mathematical-programming-based optimization can identify the best design for intensification at the equipment and flowsheet levels.

Using Simulation and Digitalization for Modular Process Intensification

These tools enable engineers to create a digital twin of a process, which can be key to developing new technologies and testing them virtually at a rapid pace.

Reactions and Separations

Evaluate Catalyst Replacement Economics: Part 2 — Continuous Replacement

Reaction conversion and selectivity can deteriorate as a catalyst ages. Optimize continuous catalyst makeup and replacement rate to improve profitability.

Back to Basics

Risk-Based Process Safety

What happens when organizations don’t follow risk-based process safety guidelines?

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News Update

  • Using Bacteria to Kill Bacteria: A Clean Water Solution
  • A Robot that Acts Like a Houseplant
  • Engineers Capture the Sun in a Box
  • From Liquid to Solid in Seconds: Near-Instantaneous 3D Printing


  • Editorial: Getting Creative with My Writing
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Microfluidics-Based Bioanalytical Solutions Change the Game
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Quantitatively Assessing the Structural Effect of Hierarchical Zeolites
  • New Products: Fluids and Solids Handling; Environmental, Health, and Safety; Instrumentation
  • INTERPHEX Expo Preview
  • Process Safety Beacon: Undetected Ball Valve Failure
  • Patent Update: Patentable Invention or Mere Optimization?
  • Young Professionals Point of View: Two Roads: MS ChE or MBA?
  • Technical Entity Trends: Entrepreneurship in the CPI: Paving the Road to Innovation
  • Institute News
    • 2019 Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety
    • AIChE Members Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

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