September 2018 CEP Preview

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Inspecting Distillation Towers — Part 1: Turnarounds

Process engineers are responsible for inspecting distillation columns. Follow this guide to prepare for a column inspection during a turnaround.

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Critical Issues

21st Century Products: A Challenging Economic Future

This article discusses how rare earth elements (REEs) and precious and specialty metals — collectively known as critical materials (CMs) — are sourced, as well as some issues and engineering challenges that may lie ahead.

Special Section: Epigenetics


Epigenetics: Making a Mark

The Untapped Information of the Epigenome

The complexity of the epigenome suggests a wealth of untapped biological information and regulatory potential that could be game changing for cellular engineering and biomedical interventions.

Unlocking Access to DNA in Chromatin

Scientists must learn how to open and manipulate chromatin to gain complete access to eukaryotic DNA for genome engineering.

Single-Cell Epigenetic Technology and Applications

This article highlights developments in single-cell epigenomic monitoring and modulating tools, as well as advances in synthetic epigenetic circuits. These tools are used in important biomedical and industrial applications.

Influence of Epigenetics on Bioprocessing

Harnessing and applying epigenetics in bioprocessing systems may improve cell line development, productivity, and product quality.


  • Underwater Device Captures Deep Sea Creatures
  • Stretchable Hydrogel Heals Itself
  • Researchers Develop the Sustainable Concrete of the Future
  • Engineers Go with the Flow on Hydroformylation Studies
  • A New Laser Material Is Born
  • Nanoparticles Make Drugs Easy to Swallow


  • Editorial: Write Emails Others Will Love
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Establishing a Reference Cell Culture Platform for Biomanufacturing
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Challenges and Future Outlooks for Protein-Polymer Conjugates
  • New Products: Heat transfer, Instrumentation, Solids Handling
  • Technical Entity Trends: Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage: A Plan for Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Process Safety Beacon: Speak Up if You Notice Operational Abnormalities
  • Patent Update: Prior Commercial Use Can Affect Patentability
  • YPOV: Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Institute News
    • RAPID Manufacturing Institute Appoints Grieco as CEO

    • AIChE Election Ballots Due Oct. 1

    • Women’s Initiatives Committee to Mark 20 Years with Symposium at AIChE Annual Meeting, Oct. 30

    • Hubbell, Aunins to be Honored by SBE

    • Doing a World of Good Raj and Kamla Gupta Podcast Guests

    • Meet Some of AIChE’s New Fellows

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