Highlight an AIChE Benefit: Networking

In the past few newsletters we have covered online resources that AIChE offers to all members for continuing education, namely, eLearning, Webinars, and eLibrary. These resources are great for learning about a new topic in chemical engineering or reacquainting yourself with things you have forgotten since college. Most of our members, however, choose to be a part of AIChE year after year not because of the education resources but because of the community. Though there are many ways to participate in the community over the Internet (especially through the Virtual Local Section), nothing compares to the experience of attending an AIChE conference. AIChE has introduced me to the most interesting, talented, and intelligent engineers I have ever met, and they all come together at our Spring and Annual Meetings. Be sure to attend a division or forum dinner for your field of interest, strike up a conversation at one of the many coffee breaks, and do not miss the Young Professionals Social. All YPs as well as select undergraduates and dedicated volunteers are invited to the social for an evening of relaxed networking and great conversation. If you cannot make it to the big AIChE meetings, be sure to go to your nearby local section. Just search for your state and email the chair of the closest section asking for information on their next meeting. They may even have a YP group in your city, a subsection that focuses on social and educational activities for young professionals. The local section meetings are great places to meet engineers in your area who may work for different companies or in a different industry. Many of the local sections also put on regional conferences, so be sure to ask your local section chair if he or she has information about that. If you do not have a local section nearby, check out the Virtual Local Section. One of AIChE's greatest strengths is that its volunteers have created a multi-layered organization with events and opportunities for every one of our members. Be sure to check out the in-person events I mentioned above - I promise that you will find plenty of friendly and outgoing people who will make you feel right at home. If you have any questions about these or other membership offerings at AIChE, please reach out to me by email or 646-495-1382.