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MAPD Stability and Management in Ethylene Plants

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
May 1, 2013
Abstract MAPD Stability and Management in Ethylene Plants Accumulation of C3 (MAPD, Methyl Acetylene & Propadiene) and C4 (VA, Vinyl Acetylene)...

Process Safety - Management or Leadership?

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 3, 2012
Process Safety Management is often presented as technically complex, requiring a large staff of engineers and specialists with an array of tools and...

Pressure Relief Valve Sizing Equations Basis

AIChE Webinar
Mar 14, 2012
Engineers responsible for the sizing of pressure relief valves, will get a more in-depth understanding of the mathematical basis for the sizing...

Introduction to Fluidized Bed Technology

AIChE Webinar
Apr 13, 2011
This webinar explores the fundamentals of fluidization: how materials fluidize; differences in fluidization characteristics based on size and density...

Chemical Product Design

AIChE Webinar
Sep 9, 2009
This webinar will be of particular benefit to industrial practitioners involved in the design of chemical products and processes, and faculty at...

Developing Crystallization Processes

Reactions and Separations
Christianto Wibowo
With solid-liquid equilibrium as its foundation, this systematic approach makes it easy to identify operating regions and theoretical yield to maximize the desired product.

Formulating Production Planning Models

Information Technology
Jeffrey D. Kelly
Optimize petroleum and petrochemical plant production by understanding the mathematical modeling behind nonlinear planning models.

Production Modeling for Multimodal Operations

Information Technology
Jeffrey D. Kelly
Two new views for production modeling are introduced - production flow networks and production flow maps - that focus on unit operations and feedstocks, respectively.

Dynamic Capacity Modeling of Product Development

Information Technology
Brian E. Hartman, Jospeh S. Alford Jr., Prashant B. Kokitkar
Avoid large work queues by proactively anticipating the resource needs of your company using dynamic capacity models.

Modeling Production-Chain Information

Information Technology
Jeffrey D. Kelly
Data alone is not information. Use this model to transform data into vital information for decision making.

Designing a Facility for API Development

Plant Design
Terrence Fay, Yasha Zelmanovich
Kilo labs are instrumental in scaling up the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. This article discusses the critical factors that must be considered to design such a facility.

Effectively Manage the Lifecycle of a Product

Information Technology
Baha Korkmaz, Marty Martin
By incorporating the batch standards S88 and S95 into the entire product lifecycle, companies can optimize their processes and project management. This enables them to rapidly get their products to market — a critical factor in staying competitive.
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