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CEP: May 2002

After the events of September 11, supply-chain logistics will never be the same. Much like when we travel to the airport, there will be tighter security, more restrictions and slower clearances...

Reduce Costs with Dividing-Wall Columns

Reactions and Separations
Dennis O'Brien, Douglas A. Stewart, James W. Harris, Michael A. Schultz, Mohamed S.M. Shakur, Steven P. Rosenblum
These distillation columns can significantly reduce capital and energy expenses vs. conventional multicolumn arrangements.

Relocating Research Operations

Richard P. Palluzi
Such projects require enormous planning, experienced staff, and substantial time and money to complete.

Play Your Cards Right ...

Career Catalyst
Nathaniel A. Matlin
to make yourself stand out from the pack when you're seeking a new position.

Estimate Emissions from Vacuum Operations

Environmental Management
Jimmy Peress
This article compares empirical methods and test methods for determining air-leakage rates and offers guidelines on their use.

Basics of Centrifugal Pump Selection

Fluids and Solids Handling
Bernadette Pyzdrowski, Drew B. Schiller, Kimberly Fernandez, Michael B. Smith
Tips for specification and operation that provide for cost-effectiveness and reliability.
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