Leadership Challenge

The AIChE Leadership Challenge: Volunteer Leaders for the Future is an exciting, new initiative, led by Institute Leaders, to support a three-year subsidized membership program for young professionals, ages of 23-35, in exchange for their volunteer involvement and participation in AIChE. 


The goal of the program is to bolster AIChEs Young Professionals membership ranks and inspire a new generation of volunteer leaders. The more young professionals experience the benefits of belonging—by volunteering to take a leadership role in a local section, chair a session at a national meeting, or host a lunch & learn—the more they will understand and appreciate the value that AIChE provides them and our profession. Their participation will strengthen our mission and secure a strong future for all members.

Why Young Professionals?

The culture of joining professional associations has changed. New forces in our world, from social media to economic challenges, require new methods for growing and sustaining new membership in AIChE. Towards this end we have made significant strides in years past. For example, in 2009, the AIChE Foundation launched the Opening Doors Program, a multi-year campaign to involve young chemical engineers in our association by supporting their transition from student life to the professional world. Also in 2010, we launched ChEnected, an interactive website providing young professionals with better access to information, career tools and networking opportunities. But this has not been enough to stem the tide of declining student-to-professional membership and involvement in AIChE. Our work is not done. That is why we need your help and are counting on you.

Why Donor Support is Needed?

The program launched in April 2012 and seeks to recruit 150 young professionals to join the program, with the goal that 75% will remain full active, professional members when they “graduate” the program.  In order to undertake this challenge, we need to raise at least $100,000 in donor support over a period of three years. Our goal is to raise funds perpetually toward this vital program so that we can recruit an additional group of young professionals each year. We are counting on AIChE volunteer leaders, past and current, to share in this investment and help cultivate future volunteer leaders of AIChE and the profession.

Support the Initiative

Donate Online

For more information about the many ways to give to AIChE, please contact Cathy Diana, Director, AIChE Foundation, at cathd@aiche.org or call 646-495-1340.
For more information about the subsidy, program requirements, eligibility and nominations, please visit the AIChE Apprenticeship Program.