Particle and Nanoparticle Functionalization for Biomedicine and Nutrition II

Teleki, A., Uppsala University
Sotiriou, G., Karolinska Institutet
Tricoli, A., The Australian National University

Nanoparticles exhibit unique potential in medicine and health-related applications including nutrition. For example. nanoparticles are increasingly employed as multi-functional carrier vehicles, active ingredients, and diagnostic and therapeutic agents. Tailoring their properties at the nanoscale offers significant opportunities for improvements of their performance and development of new functionalities. The focus of this session is to discuss state-of-the-art advances on this field including the synthesis and characterization of multi-component nanoparticles which have demonstrated superior performance for the target biomedical application. Of special interest are approaches to control functionality during synthesis or post (surface-) modification of the nanostructured particles and their potential assembly into functional devices. Submissions discussing the multidisciplinary aspects of nanoparticle science in medicine including toxicology, as well as exploring new and emerging concepts regarding the design of biomedical devices using such functionalized nanoparticles are encouraged. Focus areas include, but are not limited to: - Synthesis & applications of organic and inorganic nanomaterials for Bio, Food and Pharma - Nanoscale materials and devices for biomedical applications - Biosensing & Bioimaging - Nano-nutraceuticals - Nanoparticle interfaces and (bio)functionalization - Nanoscale lipid assemblies for active ingredient delivery - Modeling & simulation of nanocarriers - Supramolecular Chemistry for bio-functionalization - Targeted Delivery - Stimuli Responsive Hybrid Nanomaterials



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