(112d) Uncertainty Quantification and Industrial Applications of Coarse Grained Particle Method | AIChE

(112d) Uncertainty Quantification and Industrial Applications of Coarse Grained Particle Method


Lu, L. - Presenter, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Uncertainty quantification and industrial applications of coarse grained particle method

Liqiang Lu*, Sofiane Benyahia

National Energy Technology Laboratory, Morgantown, West Virginia 26507, United States

* Corresponding author: liqiang.lu@netl.doe.gov

In past decades, the continuum approach was the only practical technique to simulate large-scale fluidized bed reactors because discrete approaches suffer from the cost of tracking huge numbers of particles and their collisions. The coarse grained discrete particle method significantly improved the computation speed with controllable compromise in accuracy and has been extensively investigated in recent years. In this presentation, recent advances in this method and their verification and validations are discussed including extension to heat transfer, chemical reactions and coupling with time-driven hard-sphere (TDHS) method. The uncertainties of this method are also quantified in several simple homogeneous cooling systems and more complex fluidized beds. Finally, it is used to simulate several reactors including the scale-up of a rare earth element (REE) leaching reactor, a pilot scale methanol to olefins (MTO) reactor and an industrial FCC regenerator. The simulation results compared well with available experiment and industrial data and proved that this new approach can be used for efficient and reliable simulations of industrial-scale fluidized bed systems.


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