(6jw) Engineering Soft Materials with Different Length Scales for Diversity Applications

Zhang, L., Harvard University
Weitz, D. A., Harvard University
Research Interests:

My research is engaged in the field of soft materials for a variety of application. To this end, I use my background in polymer chemistry and materials science to engineer soft materials, often times using microfluidics technique. These soft materials are engineered for use in diverse applications and fields such as cell encapsulation in biology, drug encapsulation in pharmacology, and additive encapsulation in petroleum engineering.

In the future, my research pursues both fundamental and applied science of soft materials. The initial step of my research would be design and synthesis of novel functional soft responsive materials for 1) the fundamental science of therapeutic encapsulation and transport process; 2) Biomaterials for stem cell regulation, 3) flow control by hydrogel for green chemistry. This all leads to the development of new materials as well technologies for a variety of soft materials application.

Teaching Interests:

All the researchers and scientists have the responsibility to guide students who have enormous curiosity in the science. As several rich years of research, I have plenty of teaching experience with students who have very diverse background. Based on these experience, I know how to communicate with students and have developed my own teaching strategy: to give students an opportunity to do hands-on science; to encourage them to explore beyond the disciplinary boundaries of the field; and to interact with student to ensure that the student understands the basic and fundamental concept.

I have prepared to teach both broad undergraduate and graduate courses in Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, and Soft Matter. In additional to the fundamental course, I also dedicate to creating new courses related to topic from my own research, notably Modern Microfluidic Techniques, Therapeutic Delivery and Regenerative Medicine, and Stem Cell Therapy.