Fundamentals of Nanoparticle Coatings and Nanocoatings on Particles | AIChE

Fundamentals of Nanoparticle Coatings and Nanocoatings on Particles


Saunders, S., Washington State University


Jing, H., Washington University in St. Louis

Presentations on nanoparticles with coatings and nanocoatings on particles are sought. Papers discussing the synthesis, interactions, characterization, processing, or applications for nanoparticles with coatings or nanocoatings on particles are desired. Nanoparticles stabilized by ligands are often required to maintain dispersion and prevent undesired agglomeration, aggregation, and irreversible growth to larger sizes. Interactions between the particle surface, the ligand layer, and the solvent are often complex and difficult to model or predict. Nanoscale coating on larger particles play a role in the controlling the surface properties imposing new chemical, physical, optical, electronic, or biological properties.



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