World Day For Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

May 21st  marks the annual World Day For Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, also referred to as Diversity Day. The day was started by the United Nations in December 2002 after The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity.

Most conflicts in the world occur in countries with low intercultural dialogue, which is why the UN saw the need for this day as a means to promote discussion and educate people on diversity and human rights. Taking the time to understand and celebrate different cultures will ultimately lead to a more cooperative and peaceful society.

Read below to learn about ways to observe and celebrate Diversity Day! 

Watch an international film

Watching international movies is a fun way to explore different cultures and get a glimpse into what it's like to have a different cultural background and upbringing. Some movies do a great job with bringing all the different colors of diversity to light. Click the link below for a list of movies that showcase the differences and similarities that exist between different cultures. 

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Visit a museum

Visiting an art exhibition or a museum dedicated to other cultures is another fun way to learn about the history and contributions of other cultures to our current society.

Learn another language

Learning another language not only allows you to connect and empathize with people from different cultural backgrounds, it also has cognitive benefits. 

Read more about the benefits of learning a foreign language. 

Cook traditional food from a different culture

Cooking food from different cultures provides the opportunity to learn more about the migration of people and food across time. It also opens the doors to intercultural dialogue.

Read this article to learn more about what food can teach us. 

Volunteer with an organization working for diversity and inclusion

Volunteering is a great way to observe Diversity Day. There are many volunteer organizations dedicated to bridging the gap between cultures and ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and equitably. AIChE is also dedicated to this cause. 

Learn more about AIChE’s IDEAL Path towards equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

Take a course on equity, diversity, and inclusion

Take one of AIChE's EDI courses to learn more about the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Each course is an opportunity to discover the impact of EDI in STEM and engineering, while developing the necessary tools to address it in your role as a student, professional engineer, or engineering administrator.

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If you're interested in learning more about EDI and joining AIChE in its commitment to the IDEAL path, check out the IDEAL website

Share a FOSSI story

The Future of Stem Scholars Initiative (FOSSI) is a national industry-wide program that seeks to increase the number of underrepresented professionals in the STEM workforce by providing scholarships to students pursuing preferred STEM degrees at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). FOSSI is made possible by the American Chemistry Council (ACC), the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Chemours, and HBCU Week Foundation. Visit the FOSSI website, read a FOSSI story, and share it with your network to spread the word about this amazing EDI initiative. 

Share a FOSSI story. 

Learn more about AIChE’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.