February 2021 CEP Preview


Demystifying Building Code Occupancy Classification

Hazardous material use and storage inside any structure affects its building and fire code occupancy classification, which dictates its allowable design and layout features.

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Ensure Safe Pump Operation

Various safeguards are available to prevent catastrophic pump failure.

Reactions and Separations

Develop Distillation Controls During Process Design 

Address basic process control issues during the engineering design phase to increase system capacity and reduce the frequency of product-quality incidents.

Process Design and Development

Integrating Utilities on Large Brownfield Projects

Before starting construction on a capital project, consider utility demand and integration to prevent late capital cost increase and schedule extensions.

News Update

  • A More Powerful Serotonin Sensor for Better Antidepressants
  • Researchers Use Microwave Oven to Convert Coal to Graphite
  • Using AI to Find New Benefits for Old Drugs
  • Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Lead the COVID-19 Vaccine Race
  • Decoding Water Purification
  • Cities of Transparent Solar Cells


  • Editorial: Small Steps Toward Progress
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Adaptive Plasmas for Health, Food, and Environmental Applications
  • CEP Digital Highlight: Thinking About Climate
  • New Products: Environmental, Health, and Safety; Operations and Maintenance; Laboratory Equipment; Materials and Chemicals; Instrumentation; Fluids and Solids Handling
  • Career Connection: Weather Chaotic Times Through Resilient Leadership
  • Process Safety Beacon: Static Discharges Are Frequent Ignition Sources
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Modular, Intensified Options for Conversion of Wastes to Products
  • Safety Minute: Training Alone Does Not Work
  • Spotlight on Safety: Fishing for Hazards
  • Institute news
    • AIChE Introduces some of Its Recently Elected Fellows
    • Scholarship Applications are Due for Future of STEM Scholars Initiative
    • New Outreach Video Celebrates Chemical Engineering Possibilities
    • Last Call for Institute and Board Award Nominations is Feb. 15
    • Langer Prize Fellowship Applications Due May 1

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