Meet Austin Lin and the NorCal Local Section

Austin Lin currently works as a technical program manager at Google. He also serves as chair of the NorCal Local Section, one of AIChE's most active sections. We recently caught up with Austin to learn more about what keeps him involved.

Where are you located? In your area of the country/world, what are some of the industries that involve the work and expertise of chemical engineers?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Key industries thriving here with chemical engineers are oil and gas, sustainability startups, construction, high tech manufacturing (particularly those connected to the tech industry such as electronics and mobile devices).

What makes your local section unique?

We cover a broad range of industries but are united across multiple areas. In a given year, our topics can range from biomedical startups and next generation catalysts to new design directions for filtration and advances in artificial intelligence. It makes for a thriving intellectual conversation among our members and guests.

What are some activities the members of your section work on together? Are there any upcoming events you’re excited about? For example, any events, gatherings, projects, volunteering, etc.

Our section's Annual Symposium, now in its sixth decade, has always been an exciting tradition. Each year we select a different theme and we bring in chemical engineers from all industries to share ideas on a central idea.

What has been the greatest benefit of joining and participating in this local section for you personally?

The opportunity to learn new applications of chemical engineering, from technical advances to best practices in leadership and career development from a diverse and passionate group of professionals.

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Austin Lin

Austin serves as 2019 Vice-Chair of the AIChE Management Division. He previously served as the Chair of the AIChE Northern California Section (2019), Vice-Chair (2018), Secretary (2017) and the Section's Young Professionals Director (2015). Read more