Meet Some of AIChE's Newest Fellows

Featured in the February 2019 print issue of CEP

Fellow is AIChE’s highest grade of membership, achieved only through election by the Board of Directors. 

Fellow candidates are nominated by their peers and must have significant chemical engineering practice (generally 25 years), have demonstrated significant service to the profession, and have been a member of AIChE for at least 10 years. Here are some of the recently elected Fellows. More Fellows will be introduced in future issues of CEP.

Please see below to meet some of AIChE's newest Fellows, who are also featured in the February print issue of CEP.

Raymond A. Cocco

Raymond Coco is President and CEO of Particulate Solid Research Inc. (PSRI), an international consortium-based company. Before PSRI, he spent 17 years with the Dow Chemical Co., where he led R&D efforts for numerous particle technology platforms and was instrumental in bringing computational fluid dynamics, Six Sigma, and Design for Six Sigma methodologies into Dow’s research environment. He serves on several university advisory boards and is on the editorial boards of Powder and Bulk Engineering and Powder Technology. He has been active in AIChE’s Particle Technology Forum and the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council.

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Clive Eric Davies

Clive Davies is a professor in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology at Massey Univ., New Zealand. He joined Massey Univ. after 24 years at the Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research (restructured as Industrial Research Limited), a Crown Research Institute of New Zealand. At Massey, he conducts research on powder handling and processing, with emphasis on fundamentals. He has been active in programming for AIChE’s Particle Technology Forum in both academic and industrial areas of solids flow, handling, and processing. He earned his PhD in chemical engineering from Imperial College London.

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Clifford P. Kowall, P.E.

Clifford P. Kowall is a Senior Technical Fellow in Process Development and the Corporate Engineer at Lubrizol Corp. Over his career, he has worked in more than 35 positions at Union Carbide, Standard Oil of Ohio (later BP), Hilite International, and Lubrizol, and he has also worked as an independent consultant. He is an adjunct instructor at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, where he teaches courses on process safety and professional ethics. His AIChE activities include serving as Program Co-chair of the 2018 Annual Meeting, and representing Lubrizol on the RAPID Manufacturing Institute’s technical advisory board.

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Jefferson C. Lievense

Jefferson Lievense is Senior Advisor to the CEO, Bioengineering and Technology, at Genomatica, a commercial developer of bio-based process technologies for chemical production. He has 36 years of experience in industrial metabolic engineering, fermentation process development, and scale-up, spanning a range of products, including 1,4-butanediol (Genomatica), farnesene (Amyris), 1,3-propanediol (DuPont-Tate & Lyle), and bio-indigo (Kodak-Genencor). He organized the first conference on commercializing industrial biotechnology for AIChE’s Society for Biological Engineering. He also teaches courses on metabolic engineering and microbial fermentation at the Univ. of California, San Diego.

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Shijie Liu

Shijie Liu is a professor of bioprocess engineering at the State Univ. of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF), where he directs bioprocess engineering collaborations and helped to establish a joint educational program in bioprocess engineering with Beijing Univ. of Chemical Technology. His research focuses on the kinetics of chemical and biological systems, with applications in biofuels, biopharmaceuticals, and environmental engineering. He is active in AIChE’s Forest Bioproducts Div. He earned his chemical engineering PhD at the Univ. of Alberta.

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Mary Ellen Ternes 

Mary Ternes is a partner with Earth & Water Law, LLC, and a nationally recognized environmental attorney representing industry regarding the law of air pollution, hazardous waste management, and climate change. She is a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund Emergency Response On-Scene Coordinator, a hazardous-waste incinerator permit writer, and commercial hazardous-waste incineration expert and compliance manager. She has been active in AIChE’s Environmental Div. and the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum. She established AIChE’s Chemical Engineering and the Law Forum, and co-founded the Public Affairs and Information Committee, where she now chairs the Climate Change Task Force.

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