Mike Harold Introduces the AIChE Journal Futures Issue

The August 2018 issue of the AIChE Journal is the inaugural "Futures" issue. This issue explores the latest developments in chemical engineering research and invited early career researchers to contribute their pioneering works.

Their session, AIChE Journal Futures: New Directions in Chemical Engineering Research, will take place at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This session includes presentations from six of the contributors from the Futures issue.

I asked Mike Harold, the Editor-in-Chief of the AIChE Journal, a few questions about the Futures issue, the future of chemical engineering, and how chemical engineers can be involved in the journal, and the participation in the Annual Meeting.

Tell us about the AIChE Journal Futures Issue and how it relates to the AIChE Annual Meeting.

The Futures issue will appear annually in the AIChE Journal. The intent is to showcase the research of early career scholars in academe, industry, and national labs. We will have a session at each Annual Meeting in which several of the authors of that year’s Futures issue will present their work. We are getting great feedback on the Futures issue and hope that the Futures session will be well attended.

Where do you see the future of chemical engineering research going and how can this issue help it to get there?

Chemical engineering is such an amazing field with its broad reach. What we are trying to achieve with the Futures issue is to highlight the pioneering work of new researchers who represent the best and brightest in the chemical engineering profession. Each of them has chosen a set of problems to study that confront the challenges spanning energy, health, materials, and the environment. Chemical engineering researchers have the unique set of skills to gain understanding and develop new technologies.

What research topics are you most looking forward to at the AIChE Annual Meeting?

As editor, I look forward to attending talks on all topics so that I can learn of the latest developments in the field. I personally do research at the interface of catalysis and reaction engineering, so of course I look forward to presentation in both of those areas. I also like to scout out peripheral topics that inspire new ideas and approaches for my research. In fact, it is the cross-disciplinary ideas that  the AIChE Journal inspires through the publishing of articles across the chemical engineering field.

How can chemical engineers get involved with the AIChE Journal, specifically in the Futures issue?

The AIChE Journal is the premier generalist research journal for the chemical engineer. The editorial team encourages all researchers to publish their best works in the Journal. This helps to solidify the identity of the field as it continues to expand its boundaries.

You can still register for the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting taking place on October 28 - November 2, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Michael Harold

Michael Harold is the editor-in-chief of the AIChE Journal.

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