February 2017 CEP Preview


Centrifugal Compressors in Ethylene Plants

Centrifugal compressors are used in ethylene plants for cracked-gas compression and refrigeration services. This article describes the basic design and operation of these compressors.

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Data Science for Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers need data science tools to take advantage of the increasing amount of data available to them. Data storage, analysis, and visualization will play more important roles in the discipline.



Ensure Product Quality through Risk-Based Scale Calibration

Many manufacturing standards are not explicit about scale calibration and testing requirements. This article dispels some common myths about scale performance and explains how calibration and testing based on risk assessment support compliance and quality.



Qatar’s Chemical Industry: Monetizing Natural Gas

With one of the world’s largest natural gas reserves and a vision to become the “Gas Capital of the World,” Qatar is monetizing its wealth of resources through the production of value-added chemicals and energy products.


  • Self-Assembling Nanomaterials Get Complicated
  • New Transistor Is Clear and Flexible
  • Decorated Spider Silk Slowly Releases Antibiotics
  • Implanting Tiny Robots with Moving Parts
  • Microfluidic Chip Models the Brain
  • Air Emissions Decrease by More than Half Since 2005



  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Creating Computational Models for Biopharmaceutical Production
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: A Closed-Loop Process for Li-Ion Battery Recycling
  • Career Corner: Dealing with Difficult Coworkers
  • INTERPHEX Expo Preview
  • Product Focus: Materials and Chemicals; Environmental Health and Safety; Laboratory Equipment; Operations and Maintenance
  • Spotlight on Safety: Bypassing a Safety System Can Have Serious Consequences
  • Process Safety Beacon: Do Not Mix Incompatible Materials in Storage Tanks
  • Technical Entity Trends: A Cure May Stem from Your Cells
  • Profile: Tackling the Challenges of Regulating Biotechnology
  • Books
  • Meeting Preview: Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
  • Preliminary Program: 2017 Spring Meeting and 13th Global Congress on Process Safety
  • Calendars
  • Institute News:
    • AIChE Launches Regenerative Engineering Society
    • AIChE Constitution Amendments Approved by Membership
    • Institute and Board Award Nominations Due February 15
    • Your AIChE Membership: Technical Divisions, Forums, and Technological Communities

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