December 2016 CEP Preview


Pump Sizing: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

This article explains some of the core concepts behind pump sizing.

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Use the Bow Tie Diagram to Help Reduce Process Safety Risks

Bow tie diagrams are useful for visualizing process safety risks and safeguards. Although typically used after an incident has occurred, bow tie diagrams can also be employed during a process hazard analysis.



Look to the Future with Succession Planning

As experienced individuals retire or leave your organization, make sure business objectives can still be met by establishing a succession plan.


An Activity Tracker for Monitoring Glucose

Move Over CRISPR/Cas9: Less-Known Tool Edits Gene Mutations

Printed Electronics Self-Heal After Damage

New Paper is Colorful, Bendable, and Electronic

Paving a Perovskite Path to Low-Cost Solar Energy

A Better Way to Make Li-Ion Batteries


  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Converting Waste Heat into Electrical Power
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Use these Tools to Ease into Active Learning
  • Technical Entity Trends: Overcoming Hurdles to Natural Gas Technology Implementation
  • Patent Update: Is the Subject Matter of Your Invention Eligible for Patenting?
  • Process Safety Beacon: Uncover Hidden Ignition Sources
  • Career Corner: Dealing with Difficult Bosses
  • Profile: Pursing Science for the Public Good
  • Product Focus: Pumps
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  • Institute News
    • President's Corner
    • New AIChE Fellows
    • 2017 AIChE Board of Directors' Election Results
    • Divisions and Forums Present Awards
    • Margaret H. Rousseau Award will Honor Women Engineers
    • 2017 Institute and Board Award Nominations Due February 15
    • Your AIChE Membership: Member Savings
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