June 2016 CEP Preview


Biomass Processing by the Numbers

A look at the news gives an idea of what’s happening in bioprocessing around the world. Here, bio-based projects reported between October 2013 and October 2015 are sliced, diced, and brought to you in the form of numbers.

Technology Challenges and Opportunities

Industrial biotech is the third wave of modern biotechnology, and it promises to be the biggest wave — bigger than biopharma and agricultural biotech.

Use Cost Models to Guide R&D

Applying cost models throughout the development of microbial strains and production processes can reduce the time and cost of commercializing new fermentation products.


Strike the Right Balance Between Active and Passive Fire Protection

Use scenario-based fire modeling to determine the most effective combination of active fire protection and passive fire protection for your facility. Read this article now.


CCUS: Utilizing CO2 to Reduce Emissions

Converting carbon dioxide emissions into valuable products is an exciting concept for the chemical process industries (CPI).


Understand Advanced Process Control

Multivariable processes are controlled by a hierarchical structure of control layers. Field devices and regulatory controls manage individual variables, while advanced process control and production control systems coordinate multiple variables to optimize operation.


  • A Chemical Engineering Fountain of Youth: New Material Renews Skin
  • Implantable Brain Sensor Dissolves Over Time
  • A One-Pot Process Churns Out Biofuels
  • Small Molecules Change Hearts and Minds
  • High-Pressure Process Makes Depositing Thin Semiconductors Possible
  • MOFs Remove the Acetylene from Ethylene
  • Dielectric Material Self-Heals


  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Moving Toward Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Technical Entity Trends: Growing Research in Plant Technologies
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Fermentation Process Makes Malonates from Sugar, Not Cyanide
  • Process Safety Beacon: Beware of Dangerous Chemical Reactions at Home
  • Patent Update: Can a Patent Be Infringed Before It Issues?
  • Career Corner: Brush Up on Your Interview Skills
  • Profile: Cultivating Teamwork as an Engineer and Volunteer
  • Product Focus: Instrumentation
  • New Products
  • Software
  • Calendars
  • Institute News
    • Wrap-Up: 2016 AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
    • CCPS Introduces Certified Process Safety Professional Designation
    • AIChE Elects New Fellows
    • Your AIChE Membership: Local Sections

The June 2016 issue of CEP is now available online. AIChE members receive access to CEP, including a searchable archive of issues dating back to 2001, online at http://www.aiche.org/cep.