January 2015 CEP Preview

Special Section: Sustainability

Sustainability Trends in the Chemical Industry

The AIChE Sustainability Index provides benchmarks of a company’s performance on a variety of metrics related to corporate social responsibility.

Use the P-graph Framework to Design Supply Chains for Sustainability

This approach allows you to evaluate alternative supply chains based on criteria such as cost and environmental footprint to identify the most sustainable option.

Recovering Metals from Electronic Wastes

With recycling rates near zero and demand for precious and specialty metals increasing as the number and variety of high-tech products increases, the need for creative, practical ideas to improve metal sustainability is of utmost importance.

Career Catalyst

Complete Your Capital Project Efficiently

Capital projects are complicated and can be fraught with all sorts of issues. Follow these guidelines for safe and efficient work, to avoid problems, maintain relationships, and ensure your success as a construction manager.

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Consider Chemical Reactivity in Process Hazard Analysis

Managing chemical reactivity hazards is more complex than other major hazards. Learn how to use process hazard analysis to identify such hazard scenarios and determine whether additional risk-reduction measures are needed for your process.

Back to Basics

Minimize Degradation of Heat-Transfer Fluids

The key to maximizing the useful life of heat-transfer fluids in liquid-phase systems is proper fluid selection. This article discusses the most common methods of deterioration and suggests potential solutions.


  • U.S. Chemicals Remain Bright Spot in the Global Economy
  • Hot Off the Press: Rewritable Paper
  • Greening Rare Earth Elements
  • Inexpensive Lithography Creates 3D Nano Patterns
  • Metamaterials Go Digital


  • Commentary: Our Most Important Tool
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Chemical Looping Comes of Age
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Ultrathin and Flexible Zinc Batteries to Power Tomorrow’s Electronics
  • Material Matters: Preparing for Failure: A Top-Ten List
  • Process Safety Beacon: What Is the Process Risk?
  • Young Professionals Point of View: Engineering Your Job Change through Networking
  • What’s New
  • Software and Information Technology
  • Calendars
  • Institute News:
    • President’s Corner
    • 2014 Annual Meeting Wrap-up
    • AIChE Gala Salutes Corporate Leaders for Promoting Diversity in Engineering
    • Institute and Board of Directors’ Award Nominations Due
    • AIChE Partners on Engineering and Technology Histories Wiki

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