What’s It Like to Be an AIChE WISE Intern?

7/12   in the series WISE Interview Series

In 2014, AIChE sponsored three students to take part in WISE Internships in Washington, DC. Hear about their experiences in this interview with Rosemarie Wesson of AIChE's Board of Directors and the National Science Foundation. Rosemarie leads leads AIChE's WISE effort and interviewed the interns at AIChE's Annual Meeting. This year's students are Sravya Khasnavees of Rutgers University, whose work centered on "Natural Gas: The Bridge Fuel;" Sam White of the University of Michigan, who developed "Recommendations for Legislative Actions to Reduce Carbon Emissions in the Electricity Production Sector:" and Erin Alderink, also of the University of Michigan, who focused on "The Federal role in Fostering an Innovative U.S. Energy Ecosystem: Why R&D Matters." For more information about the AIChE WISE Award, visit http://www.aiche.org/WISEAward. For more information about the program, visit http://www.wise-intern.org.