December 2013 CEP Preview

SAFETY: Protect Your Process with the Proper Flame Arresters (click here to read this article now)
A flame arrester may be installed to keep an external flame out of a tank or vessel or to ensure that a flame burning within a pipeline does not propagate to other equipment. Use the information presented here to determine what type of device is appropriate for your application.

REACTIONS AND SEPARATIONS: Follow this Process Development Path
Bench-scale engineering (BSE) and the interdisciplinary no-transfer team (INTT) are valuable complements to the scale-down-before-scale-up method of process development.

GLOBAL OUTLOOK: The Success of Switzerland's Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Industries
The strong international presence of Switzerland's chemicals industries -- characterized by a major export market and substantial investment in its companies abroad -- has helped to make the Swiss chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries among the world's most successful.

SPECIAL SECTION: Spotlight on: ScaleUp: A Win-Win for Students and Industry
In an increasingly competitive global environment, how can chemical engineering students and companies alike align to meet the challenges ahead? Simply put, through AIChE's ScaleUp program.

News: Made-to-Order Materials Move Forward ... 3D Photonic Crystal Stands Up to the Heat ... Battery Electrode Acquires Self-Healing Power ... GHG Emissions Decline as Power Plants Switch to Natural Gas ... Footwear Recycling Process Debuts ... Algae's Biological Clock Gets Duped.

Plus: AIChE Journal Highlight: Survival of the Fittest: An Economic Perspective on Novel Biofuels ... Process Automation Corner: Real-Time Analytics for Pharmaceutical Quality Control ... What's New ... Process Safety Beacon: Hazards of Strong Oxidizers ... Software and Information Technology ... Product Digest: Fluids Handling ... Career Corner: Don't Stop Learning ... Institute News: Annual Meeting Wrap-Up; President's Corner: To Shape the Future We Want; 2014 Institute Election Results; AIChE Foundation Honors Stuart Churchill; AIChE Foundation Heralds ChE's "Promise" in New Film; Divisions and Forums Present Awards; Member News ... Calendars.

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