Interview: WISE Program Interns Discuss Their Experiences

8/12   in the series WISE Interview Series

AIChE sponsored three WISE Program undergraduates this year, and ChEnected caught up with them at this year's Annual Meeting to hear about their experiences in their WISE Program internships. AIChE's WISE Program brings undergraduate students to Washington, DC, each summer as part of the Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) program. This year's interns focused on water and natural gas policies. Rosemarie Wesson of AIChE's Board of Directors and the National Science Foundation, who leads AIChE's WISE effort, interviewed the three students in the video at right. This year's students were Andrew Crothers, North Carolina State University; Christina DeLago, Stevens Institute of Technology; and Nicholas Kusanto, Oregon State University. To learn more about WISE internships, visit the WISE Home Page.