Stuff Chemical Engineers DON'T Say! [Funny Bone]

Had a rough week? Kick back with a little chemical engineering humor, compliments of YouTube and Brandon Crooks, the chapter president of AIChE at University of Florida. We think you'll recognize yourself and the entire chemical engineering undergrad experience! We learned of this chemical engineering humor video series when Brandon mentioned them in a presentation at the Student Regional Conference in Kentucky last weekend. Keep the humor coming, Brandon! See video in the window to the right.

What else do chemical engineers not say? Add your own below!


chemengineernathanroberts's picture

Totally enjoyed this.

Ilona's picture

I've had three courses that have covered fugacity. I still don't know what it is.

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Not sure I caught them all. Had to turn the volume down cause the subwoofer was trying to push me out the window when that effect kicked in from time to time. It's been a while for me but I can't shake the memory of a PChem lecture where someone raised their hand half way through a semester and asked if anything leaned in the class had any practical application in the future. The professor basically said no. I was like, dude, you just asked what everyone in here has been thinking. Schroedinger's equation? Come on, I can't even spell it right.