Epic Rap Battle: Edison vs. Tesla

The epic - now mythical - rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison is relived blow by blow in this short rap video. Which makes it a quick geek identification test kit. Every scientist lives somewhere on the Edison/Tesla spectrum from dogged inventor to conceptual whiz, and whichever you choose to root for - while cursing and insulting the other - tells a lot about your own personality and research style. It's the rare scientist who even wants to weigh them objectively. Watch as both inventors feud and you'll pick up a smattering of intriguing tidbits about their lives. Of course, a lot of the insults refight the battle between AC and DC electricity, and the short time Tesla actually worked for Edison. Cliff Notes would say: Most people think that Edison's least favorite of Tesla's "dreamy" ideas was the concept of using alternating current (AC) technology to bring electricity to the people (in reality just some of his patents). Edison insisted that his own direct current (DC) system was better. This is an amusing way to distill a battle between different corporate interests, where George Westinghouse actually played a huge role. The lyrics say it all:

Edison: I'll crush you Tesla, there's just no putting it gently. I don't alternate my flow. I dis you directly... Tesla: So confess to your thefts and let the whole world know what the Serbian did for the wizard of Menlo....

Where are you on the Tesla/Edison spectrum?

Images: All, screengrabs from Rap Battle


Kent Harrington's picture

I'll look for the Hayek v Keynes video, sounds like it will be entertaining. DC is getting it's due with renewables. Around the world, countries are using HVDC to transport energy from remote wind and solar sources to customers living far away in cities.Much of Europe's offshore wind will use HVDC to get it to customers on land.