August 2012 CEP Preview

Addressing the Challenges Along the Shale Gas Supply Chain

This 32-page special section on shale gas spans the supply chain, from wells, gathering lines, and processing facilities, to storage, transportation and distribution pipelines, and ultimately an end user, such as an industrial manufacturing plant or a single-family home.

  • Demand Outlook: A Golden Age of Natural Gas
    The shale gas boom in the U.S. is transforming the energy marketplace and a wide range of manufacturing industries that rely on natural gas.
  • Getting the Gas Out of the Ground
    Technologies developed in the oil and gas industry over the past 60+ years are now being used to produce shale gas.
  • Expanding the Shale Gas Infrastructure
    Development of U.S. shale gas resources will require expansion of infrastructure assets ranging from roads and rails to pipelines and seaports to power-generation plants and ethane crackers, and more.
  • Environmental Considerations of Shale Gas Development
    The impacts of shale gas development on land, air, and water resources can and must be managed through sustainable operating practices.
  • Regulatory Programs Governing Shale Gas Development
    The production of natural gas from shale is subject to environmental regulations, including a combination of requirements already followed by conventional gas developers, plus new ones specific to shale gas.

For the first time, CEP and the AIChE Journal are co-publishing slightly different versions of the same article.
ChemEs Get Schooled in Sustainability (click here to read this article now)
Sustainable design will be required if the world is to support a growing population with increasingly higher living standards.

COMMENTARY: Take Advantage of Wireless Devices
Wireless technology should not be pushed aside because of the challenges related to the lack of a single standard.

BACK TO BASICS: Choosing Process Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum pumps are an integral part of many industrial facilities. Both processing objectives and budget constraints must be considered when selecting a specific pump.

GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Spain's Chemical Industry from the 19th Century to the Present
In the wake of the mid-20th century emergence of the oil-based global chemical industry and the rise of Europe as an international market force, Spain's chemical industry has become modern and competitive.

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