It's Make-Your-Profile-Picture-a-Molecule Month!

The Facebook news feed is often a hodgepodge of emotional rants, proclamations of location and forever preserved freeze frames of parties past. Seldom, though refreshing, do posts consecutively contain snippets of the chemical industry, puns on oxidation state, or imagery to really cool reactions: until now!

"Make Your Profile Picture a Molecule Month" was an idea of David Monteiro, a Chemical Engineering student of Stevens Institute of Technology, and is intended to spread enthusiasm for chemistry and promote the expression of one's passion for the field. It encourages individuals to sift through the compendium of molecules to find the right one to match their personality or interests, learning the molecules' purpose in the process.

The growing popularity of this movement is part of the increased presence of chemistry in pop culture - a paradigm shift that may ultimately produce a more science friendly world that auspices the young to major in it. The future of chemistry, and science as a whole, seem to be on an upswing.

What molecule represents your personality?

Image: Caffeine molecule, Wikimedia


ehorahan's picture

Lactic acid - cause my body produces tons of it when I race.

Tillus Beverly's picture

Nitrous oxide for me. I've been told I have a contagious laugh. :)

ehorahan's picture

What you have been told is true!