How Do Chemical Engineers Use Social Media?

Since Linkedin was launched in 2005, social media has increasingly played a role in our lives, both personal and professional. A recent New York Times article discussed the idea of how you influence people - or don't - based your social media reach.

We know we reach the ChEnected community of engineering professionals via a variety of social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to name a few. That got us thinking: how are engineers using these tools - and more importantly, why?

So we'd like to find out how you're using social media and where it's been of value to you. We'll report on our findings in a series of CEP articles and ChEnected posts, starting in early 2012.

Please take two minutes and share your insights by answering our short questionnaire. We may just quote you in an upcoming article or blog post!

Tell us how you use social media by filling out our brief questionnaire.


Nemoy's picture

This is a very interesting question on a few different levels. One has to acknowledge the stance pharmaceutical companies has taken in regards to facebook pages (long story short, they killed them all due to Facebook instigating policies allowing users to comment on those pages which caused problems for FDA regulations of drugs, etc.). For average Chemical Engineers working in a plant or a design firm, the one employee generally won't announce via social media when new projects are announced (they are usually done through press releases by the company). From that perspective, I don't foresee engineers (unless they are in business development) announcing via social media that Company X has received $X contract to design and construct Y Plant in Z location. This is actually quite interesting because the company I am working with now is actually planning on using social media for a number of advertising for their new products. I actually see more smaller companies utilizing social media for advertising rather then big chemical companies or design firms.

Hi, Nemoy. Thanks for your comments. Yes, there are a lot of different angles to this question, and we're very interested to learn more from readers. I hope you did (or will) fill out the questionnaire!