Dr. Angela E. Summers Talks about Safe Automation

Dr. Angela Summers, president of SIS-TECH, has more than 20 years of experience in safety instrumented systems (SIS), process engineering, and environmental engineering. In the video panel to the right, she explains her poster on Safe Automation at the 2011 Global Congress on Process Safety Poster Session.


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Its amazing Poster and covered in detail.

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Martin, We thank you and Dr. Summers for giving us this great "pictorial" on implementation of Safe Automation.  SIS has become a critical element among others to manage Risk in our processes, even if the process is deep frying turkey....  After reviewing my Hazard Analysis, Process Requirements, and Design Basis, I realized I need to hooked up an A&B PLC with SIS shutdowns to my deep fat fryer, or find a better cook ….;-) Rich

For information on safely deep frying a turkey, please use this link to download my holiday "process safety moment." Be sure to follow the website instructions for successful download. The powerpoint presentation and video is the 8th entry under Failure Analysis. http://sis-tech.com/resources.html#Failure_Analys... I love the fireman in the 1st video: Now look what happened -- you burned the turkey, destroyed fryer, and maybe burned your house down. Sounds like many process safety incidents...

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Thanks for the lesson on frying turkeys.  I agree the 1st video certainly makes the point.  If we fried turkeys at our chemical plants instead of our back yards, I'm sure we would feel obliged to add a bit more in the way of process controls, alarms, and interlock bells and whistles, or is the human system alone good enough to mitigate the risk? ........  We’re Engineers we can’t help ourselves but ask.