Cory Jensen on the Value of the AIChE Annual Meeting and Membership

Cory Jensen on the Value of the AIChE Annual Meeting and Membership:

I can't say enough good things about the Annual Meeting and AIChE Membership. Attending AIChE Annual Meetings has allowed me to get more involved in leadership roles, helping to mold the impact that the Young Professional Advisory Board has within AIChE. Since one of my primary reasons for maintaining membership is the exposure to technical and creative research, attending meetings has also allowed me to meet some of the researchers whose research and texts I have read & studied.

The most memorable [AIChE experience] to me was making the trip to the 100th Annual meeting in Philadelphia, my furthest trek east in the States at the time. I visited Liberty Hall, hung out with Dr. Wayne Curtis's group (we visited the Mutter Museum!), and I had to get off of a public transportation bus after being the recipient of a whole lot of trash talking.

My membership is important to me because it represents my life's work in organization form. It also signifies to me the commitment, dedication, creativity, and intellectual nature of what I believe to be one of the most diverse engineering disciplines in existence.

Finally, my membership reminds me of Dr. Bobby Gaines (high school AP-Chemistry class teacher) and Dr. Larry Bauer (taught a ChE class every semester of my undergraduate education); interaction with these two probably had the greatest impact for jump starting my career.

What have your meeting experiences been like?


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Cory, I am sorry to hear that the city of brotherly love didn't show too much love! Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

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I did get to experience the brotherly love, I just had to get off of a crowded bus.