Chemical Engineering Major Ranked Number 1 in Job Satisfaction Survey

According to a survey by, the chemical engineering major was ranked #1 in terms of job satisfaction, while psychology was ranked last (among majors in the survey). surveyed 10,800 working people during the months of April through June of 2010.

Those surveyed graduated with bachelor's degrees between 1999 and and 2010; some also earned graduate degrees. According the the Wall Street Journal:

In contrast, about 54% of chemical engineering and management information systems majors were satisfied or very satisfied, according to the survey, making them the happiest with their careers. "Engineers tend to proactively choose their career path and can easily find a marketplace for their skills," said New York-based career coach Bettina Seidman.

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ehorahan's picture

I would be interested to know what type of field the chemical engineers surveyed were in and if those who are in a Chemical Engineering job are more satisfied with their careers than those who, say, went to Wall Street (or vice versa).

jvasko's picture

That would be interesting. I tried looking for more detail on the survey but I couldn't find any.