Look Around You - Water [Funny Bone Video]

Look Around You is a British television comedy series devised and written by Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz, and, in the first series only, narrated by Nigel Lambert. Here's an Amazon editor's thoughts on the series:

Look Around You is a spoof science program that hilariously re-creates both the drab, depressing air of 1970s educational television and a bygone world of tedious school science lessons. Each of the 10-minute episodes--or "Modules"--takes the form of a number of surreal and pointless experiments based on a chosen theme ranging from "Water" and "Sulphur" to "Ghosts" and "Brains." Look Around You's humor lies not only in an absurd take on education and the impenetrable jargon of science, but also in evoking a sense of nostalgia in the viewer. In this respect the series is helped immeasurably by faultless production and attention to detail. Narrated in austere English, using precise scientific terminology, this is a world of scratched film inserts, dubious periodic tables, cheap, synthesized music, giant hairstyles, bulky, teak-finished technology, and a proliferation of DYMO labels. Each show is even prefaced by a few seconds of the "Television for Schools & Colleges" countdown clock. The tutorial format of the series is not without its problems though--it is essentially a single, plotless joke stretched to eight episodes, and there are no characters to speak of, save glimpses of the deadpan and much-maligned lab-technician (cowriter Peter Serafanowicz). Despite these shortcomings, Look Around You is still a refreshingly different comedy, which is so well put together that you can almost smell the Bunsen burners while you watch. --Paul Philpott

This episode focuses on water.

Has anyone seen these before? What do you think?

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Havenot seen before...but funny though. Hope common mass is not carried away with these...