YP ChEnectees of AIChE Spring - Meet Nemoy Rau

In our third installment of YP ChEnectees of AIChE Spring, I present AIChE member, Nemoy Rau. Nemoy Rau is YP member of AIChE who I was able to interview during one of the YP (Young Professional) social events at AIChE's Spring Meeting. It took place at the Iron Cactus, a venue on San Antonio's River Walk. Nemoy graduated from Tennessee Tech about a year ago and works in New Product Development, intellectual property, and patent development. He's involved with AIChE both locally in Texas and on the national level with the Young Professional Advisory Board. He's very involved in helping student members as they transition into their careers. Here he chatted a bit about how many chemical engineers are navigating in a down economy, looking into new companies, and start ups. If you'd like to connect with Nemoy, you can do so via e-mail or Linkedin.

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