Timeline for 2015 EPC Conference Program Development

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Call for papers is currently OPEN. November 14, 2014 Call For Papers (abstracts) closes, abstract submission ends December 1, 2014 Online conference registration opens at December 5, 2014 Session chairs accept/reject/order papers in their Sessions December 10, 2014 Draft...

2014 EPC Conference - Interview with Ralph King

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One of the feature sessions at the 2014 conference was a Process Safety Tutorial on brittle fracture in ethylene plants, presented by Ralph King. Click here to see an interview with Ralph, discussing brittle fracture and EPC's work to advance process safety understanding in the ethylene industry.

2014 EPC Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings from the 2014 Ethylene Producers' Conference & Spring Meeting of the AIChE are now available to subscribers on the EPC Proceedings website.