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AIChE Annual Fund

The AIChE Annual Fund provides essential financial support to Institute-wide funding priorities that help further the mission of AIChE. Donations are unrestricted and can be made in any amount, at any time throughout the year.

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Minority Affairs Committee (MAC) – MAC Futures Fund

Support diversity in AIChE, the profession, and society at large. Your gift, at any level, will help MAC continue the leadership they provide in new priority initiatives that support: 

  • Revival of the Minority Faculty Forum
  • Scholarships for freshmen and upperclassmen, including 3 new scholarships sponsored by MAC and WIC (Women’s Initiative Committee)
  • MAC Archive project
  • Resources for young professionals

Donors who participate by December 31st 2014, will be recognized as “Founding Members” of  MAC’s new MAC Futures Fund. 

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Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical Engineering

AIChE has renamed the Institute’s Professional Progress Award the Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in honor of Dr. Andreas Acrivos’ profound contributions to the profession of chemical engineering.

Donations made toward this endowment award will not only serve as a continuing legacy to the vision and work of Dr. Andreas Acrivos, it will enable presentation of this annual award in perpetuity to deserving chemical engineers.

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D.I.C Wang Award for Excellence in Biochemical Engineering

The D.I.C Wang Award was created by the Society of Biological Engineering in appreciation of Professor Daniel I.C. Wang’s contributions to education and research in biochemical engineering, as well as his technological innovations in bioprocessing.

The award will be presented to a distinguished biochemical engineer and biotechnologist by the Biochemical Technology Division of the American Chemical Society and by the Food, Pharmaceuticals and Bioengineering Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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AIChE Leadership Challenge: Volunteer Leaders for the Future

The AIChE Leadership Challenge: Volunteer Leaders for the Future, led by Institute leaders, supports a three year subsidized membership program for young professionals, ages 25-35, in exchange for their volunteer leadership and AIChE involvement. Donations to this important initiative bolster AIChE’s Young Professionals membership ranks and inspire a new generation of volunteer leaders that will strengthen our mission and secure a strong future for all members.

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Society for Biological Engineering BioCatalyst Fund

The Society for Biological Engineering BioCatalyst Fund provides fundamental resources, such as networking, professional development, and training opportunities, to student members of the Society for Biological Engineering. Every gift to the BioCatalyst Fund contributes to the advancement of biological engineering and to building a stronger SBE, today and in the future. 

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AIChE Water Initiative

The AIChE Water Initiative aims to meet the challenges of water quality, security and sustainability through workshops, conferences, webinars and educational outreach, spearheading collaboration and advancing shared technology goals. 

Donations made towards the AIChE Water Initiative help support activities in our global water efforts and ensure this important initiative as the foremost catalyst in applying chemical engineering expertise in meeting societal needs in the area of water quality, sustainability and security.

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Center for Energy Initiatives

Donations made toward the Center for Energy Initiatives help engineers and scientists, working from multiple perspectives, to network, cross-fertilize and integrate ideas to advance energy efforts across the board. The Center has already undertaken research and education projects, including the coordination of a significant carbon management effort for leading engineering societies.

The Center has also created awards for K-12 energy education, developed a “Speakers Academy” of energy experts, and is developing energy education modules for the undergraduate chemical engineers.

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Minority Programs

The Minority Affairs Committee is leading the Institute towards a more diverse profession, both in practice and in awareness.

The Committee promotes activities that will encourage the education and training of minorities in engineering and related disciplines. Funding is needed to help support existing and upcoming MAC projects through the development and enhancement of student award and scholarship opportunities such as the MAC Scholarship Fund, as well as mentoring programs.

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Women’s Initiatives

The Women's Initiatives Committee (WIC) leads AIChE in promoting the entry, development, and full participation of women in the Institute and the profession. Funding is needed to mobilize AIChE to meet the needs of existing and potential female members.

Specifically, monies raised towards women’s initiatives aid in the development and distribution of resources on subjects pertaining to women in the profession, provide an expansive network for women in AIChE to use each other as resources, and increases the visibility of women in AIChE and the profession as a whole.

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