(30c) Games and Game Mechanics in the Cheme Curriculum | AIChE

(30c) Games and Game Mechanics in the Cheme Curriculum


Vigeant, M. - Presenter, Bucknell University
Liauw, M. A. - Presenter, ITMC, RWTH Aachen University

Interested in games? Want to know more about how you might use computer-based games to teach chemical engineering? Want to know how you can use game mechanics to make your courses more engaging?  Want to meet potential collaborators for educational game development?

This 90 minute workshop will give participants hands-on experience with several sample computer-based games that can be used in ChemE courses. Computer-based games for a variety of scales will be shared - from 5-minute homework support to multi-day or week- simulations. Game designers will be present to offer advice on development of new games and insight into how their games may be used in the classroom. Participants will also discuss and observe how game-mechanics can be applied to make courses more engaging for students.  As a final product, participants will have time to brainstorm their own game / game mechanics and have a chance to have their ideas constructively discussed with facilitators and peers.