In the last installment of the Meet the Summer 2021 RAPID® Interns spotlight series, we are highlighting Usman Hamid of the Summer 2021 program. Scroll down to learn more about Usman Hamid, a 3rd-year Ph.D candidate at Texas Tech University.

Usman Hamid

Usman Hamid, a Ph.D. candidate at Texas Tech University, is working on a project entitled "Estimation of Isosteric Heat of Adsorption from Generalized Langmuir Isotherm" in Dr. Chau-Chyun Chen's group. Usman has rigorously investigated the predictions of temperature-dependent thermodynamic properties from generalized Langmuir for various pure and mixed-gas adsorption systems. This work would elucidate the potential application of generalized Langmuir to rigorously design and simulate industrial pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and temperature swing adsorption (TSA).


What are your career aspirations?

"I am passionate to advance my expertise in the modeling of industrial mixed-gas and liquid adsorptive separation. For the advancement of adsorption processes due to higher energy efficiencies, I would like to implement generalized Langmuir and other useful models in process simulators."

What are your thoughts on the RAPID Intern Program so far?

"It was a wonderful life-time experience to communicate, network, and learn from other RAPID affiliated universities. I got to learn how research apart from chemical engineering domain can benefit modular chemical process intensification."

*The RAPID Intern Program is an exciting opportunity for students working with RAPID members. It is a virtual PI leadership program which overlays on the work students are already doing at RAPID member organizations and provides students with PI leadership training and professional development skill-building opportunities like networking, career discovery, and public speaking/presenting. Click here for more information and to nominate a student.