RAPID DEPLOY: Process Electrification

April 9-10, 2022 | Grand Hyatt San Antonio River Walk

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The RAPID DEPLOY Conference Series offers attendees an invite-only opportunity to engage in a mixture of invited talks and active workshop-style sessions culminating in a synthesis activity and an actionable report out.

The third in the series will focus on modular technologies for process electrification.

Specifically, the conference will explore:

  • Process Heating: Heating of process streams via electricity including the use of electromagnetic (e.g., induction, microwave, plasma) and heat pump technologies in place of traditional fossil fuel-fired heating and steam generation.
  • Electrochemical Processing: The use of electrochemistry in place of or alongside traditional thermochemical or biochemical reaction technologies. Electrochemical processing is already commonly used to produce aluminum, adiponitrile, chlorine, and caustic soda. Electrolysis is also used to produce hydrogen as a more sustainable alternative to steam methane reforming.
  • Energy Storage: For the process industries, energy storage might involve the integration of electricity storage (i.e., batteries) at manufacturing sites to manage renewable asset intermittency. For example, commercially available lithium-ion or redox flow batteries could be installed at or near production plants to manage intermittent photovoltaic- or wind-generated electricity.

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What to Expect 

  • Define and solve problems associated with deploying modular technologies for process electrification
  • Preview cutting-edge technology during a local technology tour (transportation included)
  • Share technologies and opportunities for collaboration through an attendee lightning round
  • Connect and network with invited attendees during the DEPLOY Reception (food and beverages included)
  • Receive free access to the Intensified Reaction Processes RAPID eLearning course ($895 value)
  • Take action with the complimentary copy of the DEPLOY conference report-out shared no later than 2 weeks after the event.


Glenn Cormack

Global Process Innovation Manager at The Lubrizol Corporation

Glenn's current focus is executing on modular chemical process intensification strategies and sustainable manufacturing practices throughout Lubrizol. Recently, he has focused on efforts to apply novel heating technologies for the specialty chemical industry including induction and microwave heating. In addition, his work actively supports strategic application of electrochemistry to enable a decarbonized supply chain. Full bio.

Tyler Petek

R&D Electrochemical Engineer at The Lubrizol Corporation

Tyler Petek is an electrochemical engineer currently working as a research scientist within the Strategic Research division of R&D for the Lubrizol Corporation. He has a broad focus, working across Lubrizol’s business units to bring electrochemistry into how Lubrizol makes things as well as how Lubrizol’s products perform in electrified systems and electrochemical devices. Tyler has spent the last seven years in industrial strategic research bridging the gap between fundamental research and industrial applications for a wide variety of areas including chlor-alkali, water treatment, energy storage, corrosion protection, and electrochemical synthesis. Tyler is a triple alumnus from Case Western Reserve University’s department of Chemical Engineering. Both his M.S. and Ph.D. were focused on electrochemical device development.

Ramanan Krishnamoorti

Chief Energy Office at University of Houston

Ramanan has been engaged in discussions around how to decarbonize the fossil sector for many years. He brings the perspective of both industry and academia on where and how refining natural gas extraction, commodity chemicals, and power generation can be decarbonized in cost-effective and meaningful ways. 

Baskar Vairamohan

Program Manager at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Baskar Vairamohan is currently leading the technology research in the industrial and non-road transportation areas within the Electrification Program as well as in the EPRI’s low carbon resources initiative (LCRI). He has been actively engaged with electric utilities in developing roadmaps as well as Electrification program strategies. Over the last few years, he has been working with a variety of industrial and commercial customers such as food processing facilities, airports and seaports, to name a few, in developing decarbonization solutions to meet their climate goals. 

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Technical Program 

Preliminary program below. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

DAY ONE: Saturday, April 9

12:00-12:25: Welcome

12:25-1:00: Keynote Speaker: Ramanan Krishnamoorti

1:00-1:20: Technology Lightning Rounds

1:20-3:00: Brainstorming Session #1 (Process Heating)

3:00-3:30 Travel to RAPID Member Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) (local transportation provided by RAPID)

3:30-5:00 SwRI Tour

5:00-5:30 Travel to DEPLOY Reception 

5:30-7:00 DEPLOY Reception (food and beverages included, location TBD)

DAY TWO: Sunday, April 10

10:00-10:10: Welcome

10:10-10:50: Keynote Speakers: Glenn Cormack, Tyler Petek

10:50-12:45: Brainstorming Session #2 (Electrochemistry)

12:45-1:30: Lunch & Technology Lightning Rounds

1:30-2:20: Keynote Speaker: Baskar Vairamohan

2:20-3:30: Brainstorming Session #3 (Energy Storage)

3:30-4:00: Synthesis & Wrap-Up

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Apply to Attend

Due to the interactive nature of the conference, seats are limited. Conference attendance is an invite-only process. Interested attendees may apply for an invitation and will be notified no later than March 18 of acceptance or nonacceptance.

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Local Accommodation Information

Event Location: Grand Hyatt San Antonio River Walk

RAPID requests that all DEPLOY attendees attest that they will be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 fourteen days prior to the in-person meeting OR have negative COVID-19 test results within 72 hours of arrival. Please be prepared to provide proof when you go pick up your badge.

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Registration Rates 

Early Bird rates end March 7 

Attendee  Early Bird   Regular On-Site
Employees of RAPID Member Organization  $745  $795  $845 
Employees of RAPID Affiliate Organizations  $795  $845  $895 
AIChE Members  $845  $895  $945 
Non-Members $895  $945  $995 

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