Virtual Event

On behalf of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and the RAPID Manufacturing Institute, this workshop will bring together thought leaders interested in guiding the future of process safety and process intensification at this invite-only virtual workshop.

Through structured half-day sessions that combine presentations with small-group breakouts, experts in process safety, process intensification, and modular processing will work together to identify the key process safety challenges that must be considered when implementing PI and modular processing in manufacturing. The outcome of this workshop will serve as a foundation for education and best practices developed by CCPS and RAPID. 

The workshop will be held via the Zoom platform on August 24th and 25th (12pm–2pm EDT) — a few days after the AIChE Spring Meeting 2020 and 16th Global Congress on Process Safety so that workshop participants are able to attend relevant CCPS and RAPID talks that may be useful for the discussion.

Interested in learning more about this workshop? Email Michelle Bryner at