(83a) Turbulent Closure Models for Multiphase Fluids | AIChE

(83a) Turbulent Closure Models for Multiphase Fluids


Petty, C. - Presenter, Michigan State University
Bénard, A., Michigan State University
Turbulent multiphase flows are encountered ubiquitously in the process industry. Examples include flows within hydrocyclones and fluidized bed reactors. The potential for simulating these flows has primarily occured because of advancements in computational hardwarre and software. However, current deficiencies in the turbulences models for mixing seriously limit the practical utility of computational methods as an enabling technology. The proposed presentation will extend a recently developed realizable closure for the Reynolds stress of a single phase fluid to a mixture of immiscible fluids. Most significantly, the theory guarantees realizable behavior of the multiphase Reynolds stress for all turbulent flows in inertial frames and in non-inertial frames.