(69d) The Effects of Particle Size Distribution and Moisture on the Flowability of Fibrous and Woody Biomass 

Vajrala, S. - Presenter, Arizona State University
Emady, H. N., Arizona State University
One of the critical issues in the biomass industry is the poor flowability of the material. Several studies have been emerging in this area to contribute towards designing better equipment and handling the material to mitigate this problem. An understanding of the influence of physical and surface properties of the granular material that affect the flowability can contribute towards the designing of efficient feeders and hoppers. In this work, we compare the permeability, compressibility, shear properties and bulk density of fibrous and woody biomass for different particle size distributions, using the Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer. With biomass being an organic matter, an exchange of moisture with the surroundings occurs. Thus, we investigate the flowability of the material in the presence of low moisture levels, in addition to the dry material.